Maggi Payne

Payne: Reflections Program Notes

Composer, Recording Engineer, Flutist, Video Artist Maggi Payne (b. 1945) is Co-Director of the Center for Contemporary Music at Mills College, Oakland, CA, where she teaches recording engineering, composition, and electronic music. Her primary teachers—flutist Walfrid Kujala and composer Robert Ashley—stand among some of the most influential artists of their respective disciplines. Her sensitivity to timbre stems back to her first exploratory encounters with the flute as a nine-year-old student, and this curious spirit has continued to permeate many of her compositions. Though she is primarily an electroacoustic composer, she has contributed a new work to the flute repertoire every ten years: HUM (1973), Scirocco (1983), Aeolian Confluence (1993), and two solo works, Of All and Reflections (2003).